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Thank you for visiting. We are going to offer you our personal opinions, experience and research on our adventure to discover “Does Provillus Work?”

Who are we?  The man (my husband) is a 54 year old who started losing his hair decades ago. The female (me) is a very preety woman who noticed thinning hair after a long, stressful period of crisis with my aging parents. After much surfing and reading other opinions we decided the only way to see if this product (Provillus) works was to actually try it ourselves.

We have created this blog to share our finding, opinions and research on Provillus. We hope it will help you answer the questions we had when we first thought of trying this.  We aren’t doctors, medical professionals or medical researchers. We are just your average married couple trying to find a safe solution to our thinning hair and balding problem.

After all the research we did we decided the only way to tell whether this product will work for us is to actually try it.

Please surf around our blog to learn more about our situation, research, opinions and our Provillus adventure.

Here is a link to the official Provillus site if you want to try it for yourself.

Please bookmark this site so you can return and we’ll keep you updated on our adventure to answer the question, “Does Provillus Work” (for us)


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