Provillus Money Back Guarantee

When my husband and I were doing our research and deciding whether to try Provillus or not, he had some concern about throwing money away on anything that didn’t have a money back guarantee. (Honestly, he’s kind of cheap).  We read the fine print about the Provillus money back guarantee and decided to order some and try it. You can read that whole story here

Provillus Money Back Guarantee Scam?

Provillus money back guarantee

It’s surprising how many people posted on forums and commented that Provillus was a scam. When you actually read these angry comments you will find that 99% of them have to do with the Provillus money back guarantee.
Honestly, it amazes me how many people don’t read the fine print (or any details), and then get angry when the reality is different than what they assumed. Provillus offers a money back guarantee. NOWHERE does it say that they offer a 100% MONEY BACK  GUARANTEE and will also include return shipping.

The Provillus money back guarantee states that you can return the product anytime within six months (You have to pay to ship it back), and they will refund your money minus a small admin fee.

There were many people screaming that they had to pay to return the product after 5-6 months and they only go 95% of their money back. We’re not that irrational. We were delighted to find that we had more than a 30 day guarantee. From what we had read many people didn’t see results until months of us. We thought a 6 month return policy was VERY fair.
So, if you decide to try Provillus you’ll find that they have a very reasonable money back guarantee. After reading that we decided we wouldn’t be throwing money away and it lead us closer to making the decision to order it and try it for ourselves.

Here’s a YouTube video from a satisfied Provillus customer


 Click here to go to the official Provillus website

If you do decide to order it make sure to read the exact details on their website about the Provillus money back guarantee

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