Provillus Side Effects

When we were considering trying this product one of our biggest questions was “What Are Some Provillus Side Effects?”

We spent a few hours looking around various forums and posts and couldn’t find any mention of negative side effects. (Unless stopping hair loss, or quitting using it after 3 days is a side effect ;-)

Once again, there is a lot of opinions as to how effective Provillus is, but there wasn’t a lot of people saying they experienced any negative side effects.

Possible Negative Provillus Side Effects?

If there was one over riding negative comment is was that some people called Provillus a scamClick here to read our research on that subject.

After we couldn’t find anyone reporting death, disease, tremors, growing taller or “hotdog finger” from taking Provillus, we looked at it’s effectiveness.

The only negative side effects came from a few isolated cases where Provillus seemed to cause anxiety in people who were taking prescription beta blockers. So, if you are on heavy drugs you might want to take the list of ingredients to your doctor first.

There are people who said it really worked for them, and there are people who got zero results.

We spent a long time reading various forums, articles and blog posts looking to find out whether Provillus would work for us or not.

Then we came to a realization. Sometimes when you have a headache you take a few pills and it goes away. Another person with a headache can take the same pills and still has their headache. What works for one, might not work for another!

After reading post after post we realized the only way for us to find out if Provillus really works is to try it ourselves.

Provillus side effectsHopefully hair growth and stopping hair loss will be our reported Provillus side effects.

Serious Provillus Side Effects: None We Could Find!

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