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Provillus And Hair Loss

Balding and thinning hair can make a person look 10-20 years older. It can also take a toll on one’s self-confidence. There are a ton of people looking for ways to stop or reverse
this condition. There are also hundreds of remedies, cures and solutions for this problem.

The Most Expense Way To Treat Hair Loss


There are many different surgical procedures (for both men and women) to implant or transplant hair. There are huge corporations that employ surgeons and doctors in various
geographic locations, and perform many of these surgical procedures every day. You’ve probably seen their infomercials and television commercials. They typical offer a free DVD
with an information package and a free consultation. These procedures cost thousands of dollars and are medical surgeries. They should be considered with all the precautions and
warnings of any invasive medical surgery.


Wigs and hairpieces (toupees) are another option. It is amazing how the wig industry has improved it’s products in the last 10 years. There are high end hairpieces that look
exactly like your real hair (most of these are made with some component of actual hair). Yes, you can still buy a cheap looking wig, but you can also buy a luxury hairpiece that
will fool most people. The downside to this option is the constant worrying about a really strong wind, swimming or meeting your perfect member of the opposite sex and having your wig slide to side just before you become intimate.

Natural Creams and Potions (like Provillus)

There have been a lot of creams and pills advertised to stop balding or regrow hair. Thousands of years ago some herbal eastern medicines had the side effect of regrowing hair.

While many of these creams and pills are obviously scams that are here today, gone tomorrow, there are some homeopathic treatments that have been shown to help stop thinning hair and even promote regrowth. Obviously, a homeopathic treatment is less expensive than other options, so it’s something to be considered first.  When deciding upon a homeopathic solution to stop hair loss it’s a good idea to find out what ingredients are being used.

In Provillus you’ll find ingredients like para-amino benzoic acid, horsetail silica, magnesium and biotin. If you do some research on each of these ingredients you’ll find that they all have been reported to aid a healthy scalp and stop balding.

Here’s a link to the Provillus official order page

We’ve decided to try Provillus for ourselves and we’ll let you know our results. Hopefully Provillus will stop our hair loss.