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Our Provillus Review

Hi, I’m Trish. This is my (our) Provillus review. We’ve order a 6 month supply of “Provillus For Women” for me to try. And a 6 Month supply of “Provillus For Men” for my husband to try. Our goal is to try the product and describe our reactions and our results on this blog.


There Are A Ton Of Provillus Review Sites Online!

our provillus review We read a wide array of different Provillus review and decided the only way to know whether this stuff really works for us, was to order it and try it ourselves. From what we’ve read so far it’s easy to take. We each take 2 capsules each day with our meals and rinse with water. We are going to take it with our meal because we read a Provillus review where a lady said it made her feel a little nauseated on an empty stomach. That seems easy enough to do.

We found a few online videos that had people taking about their experiences with Provillus. As convincing as they seem, we were a little skeptical as these all seem to be shot in
the Provillus head office. I don’t think a huge company like Provillus would risk a lawsuit by faking interviews. But they probably should have had the customers do their own Provillus review at home with a video camera or through Skype.

Here’s A Few Videos Of Customers Giving Their Provillus Review



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Stay Tuned For Our Updates And Our Provillus Review

Please come back in a few months to read OUR complete Provillus review

Provillus Reviews

We spent a fair amount of timing surfing the internet reading Provillus reviews and Provillus review sites before we decided to order some and try it. There were a lot of positive reviews and a few negative ones, but we couldn’t find a review of the Provillus product that convinced us one way or the other. So, we just decided to give in, try it, and then we’ll post our own Provillus reviews.

We Couldn’t Find Any Provillus Reviews About The Difference Between The Men’s And Women’s Products


Before we ordered, we wanted to know what the difference was in the mans product compared to the woman’s product. Here’s what we found:

mens provillus reviewsProvillus for men: The male Provillus product primarily works by inhibiting the action of DHT (dihydrotestostrone). DHT build up is the main cause of balding in men. Provillus for men blocks DHT and improves the nutrients health. This combination can bring back the dead follicles that were killed by the DHT. This process, over time, can stop the balding and regrow hair.


womens provillus reviewsProvillus for women is a completely different formulation. It stops thinning hair and hair loss through restoration of proper hormonal balance. A unbalanced hormonal issue is the number one cause of thinning hair and eventual hair loss in women

Video Provillus Reviews

We found quite a few YouTube Provillus reviews and we’ve published them below.



The only Provillus reviews that matter are YOURS. You might want to consider ordering some and trying it for yourself. They have a generous refund policy, so if it doesn’t work for you, you get a refund.

Please come back and visit our site in a few months and we’ll give a more detailed description on how our trial went, and our personal, completed Provillus reviews.