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Does Provillus Work

I surfed around the internet trying to find a good answer to the question “Does Provillus work?” Instead of finding a straight answer, I found a ton of conflicting reviews and opinions.

By the way, this blog is about our personal “adventure” with Provillus.

(If you are looking for the official Provillus site click here.)

Okay, back to our story. It was obvious as I looked around the internet that there wasn’t a simple answer to the question, “Does Provillus Work?” There were a bunch of websites that said it definitely was a scam, followed by a blatant pitch for another hyped hair loss cure. I was very skeptical. Before I tried this product I wanted to learn “How does Provillus work? I wanted to know, “does Provillus work quickly, or does it take a while?” , “Does Provillus work for men and women?”   I  found some overblown reviews about how balding guys were able to grow long flowing locks in 24 hours. Obviously, these were bogus. Most of these reviews started off with something like “Does Provillus Work… You Won’t Believe My Shocking Story!”

I just wanted to find out Does Provillus Work,  or Not?

Does Provillus WorkA little background. I was a professional touring musician many years ago. Unfortunately, my family history seems to grow bald men. Looking back the hair loss wasn’t the reason I stopped working as a professional touring musician, but it was a factor. (Today it’s acceptable, but I was touring back in the “hair band” days!)

I had tried a few things over the years, but had more or less resigned myself to the fact I was heading for bald. A little while back my wife had a series of events that caused her  some severe stress.

Does Provillus Work For WomenAfter she got through that period she noticed that HER hair was thinning in a few spots.

To help her out I did some research and tried to find something that would thicken up her hair, or at least stop the hair loss from advancing. I stumbled upon Provillus.

Then I started searching for a legitimate answer to the simple question……

“Does Provillus Work?”

You’re probably wondering, “So are you going to tell me, does Provillus work?” The answer is…… “We don’t know, yet!”

There were so many conflicting reports that we decided to do the only thing that made sense. We decided to try it. She’s going to try Provillus For Women and I’m trying Provillus For Men.

Stay tuned and we’ll post our reviews and results and let you know “Does Provillus Work For Us” in a few months. My wife and I are both going to give it a chance and post our results. Provillus: Does it work? We’ll let you know as soon as we have an answer.

Talk soon.


Here’s the link for the official site.

Sometimes, with certain orders, there is a “risk free trial” or you can get an extra bottle or two. Make sure you come back and find out the answer to the question…… “Does Provillus Work??”

Provillus For Women

Does Provillus For Women Work?

There can be many reasons why women might experience hair loss or thinning hair. Most of these problems can be corrected without prescriptions.

Here’s A Link To The Provillus For Women Website


For example, stress takes a toll on a woman’s body. It can lead to vitamin imbalances and deficiencies and trigger various enzyme and hormone reactions. One of these enzymes is DHT (dihydrotestostrone). DHT production is increased when a body is stressed. And, increased DHT can lead to hair loss.

Provillus For WomenThere are natural products that can block the creation and effects of DHT. Provillus for women is one of these. Since it comes from all natural products it isn’t considered a drug and can be purchased without a prescription.

After going through an extremely stressful few months (old parents and some family related issues) I noticed that my hair was thinning, and you could see my scalp under bright lights. I decided to see if there was something that could stop, or reverse my problem. My husband (Ron) did some internet research and found Provillus.

So, Does Provillus For Women Work?

I am currently trying Provillus For Women and will update you with our personal results. (my husband is trying Provillus For Men)

Reality Check: You can spend a lot of hours surfing around the internet reading positive and negative conflicting reviews and opinions on a product like Provillus for women. The only way to know for sure whether this will work for you is for you to try it. The company offers a 90 refund policy, so if it doesn’t work for you, return your product and get your money back. (make sure you read their policy so you’ll know how to get a refund if it doesn’t work for you). So the only real risk is NOT trying it.

Here’s the link to the official Provillus For Women website if you want to try it for yourself now.


PS. don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back to see whether Provillus for women works for me, or not.