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Trying Provillus

To try Provillus for yourself you are going to have to buy some. Unlike many other herbal treatments you CAN’T buy Provillus in a local drug store. Initially we didn’t like the fact that Provillus was only sold online. We were hoping that we could just pop into our local pharmacy and buy what we needed.

So Where Do You Buy Provillus?

We discovered that the only place to buy it is online. Provillus was trademarked and the company incorporated in 2002 and is a current member of the Natural Products Association. They have a great reputation in the homeopathic market and sell their product only online from their main website

Why Can You Only Buy Provillus Online?

You can’t patent homeopathic products. Although there name is trademarked Provillus is NOT a drug and doesn’t have a patten. Anyone can read their label and get an offshore lab to produce a product containing those ingredients. In recent years there has been an outbreak of vendors who produce homeopathic herbal products and sell them to unsuspecting consumers. A recent report showcased a large herbal company that was selling product labeled “echinicea” that actually contained ZERO echinicea. The prioritization of health has lead to some unscrupulous counterfeiters selling
herbal products (labeled as the original) with diluted or zero active ingredients.
Provillus has eliminated this problem by ensuring the only way you can buy their legitimate product is online through their website. Here’s a link to their official order page.

They run special offers from time to time. When we ordered they had an offer that you got a few free bottles if you ordered a 6 month supply. Since we decided we would try it for
6 months to give it a honest evaluation, that was a good discount deal for us.

We’ve created this blog to find out, “Does Provillus Work?” We’ll keep updating this blog and let you know our results as we try Provillus.

Here’s a link to order Provillus and try it for yourself.