What Causes Baldness

Have you ever wondered what the truth is about what causes baldness, and what are just old wives tales and myths? There are many things that can cause one to lose their hair. And, there are differences in what causes baldness in men and women.

Let’s start with…

What Causes Baldness In Men?

what causes baldnessMPB (better known as Male Pattern Baldness) is generally attributed to genetics. We can blame this on our parents, grandparents, etc.,  Just take a look at your grandfathers generation and you’ll have a pretty good idea what you can expect.

There isn’t a way to completely overcome genetic disposition. However, by working with your chemistry you can slow the inevitable dramatically. And, the good news is, that sometimes male baldness comes from hormonal, chemical issues. There are some safe, natural herbal ways to correct hormonal problems that might be causing hair loss.

Okay, What Causes Baldness In Women?

what causes baldness in women

Most women blame their thinning hair on “too many perms”, or “too much time with a hot hair dryer”. This isn’t usually the major cause of feminine hair loss. Just like men, some women are genetically disposed to hair loss. However, it’s more likely that a major stressor, or some serious health issue altered a woman’s chemistry. It isn’t unusual for a woman to find her hair failing out or thinning several months after a serious illness or stressful event.

In that case, there are herbal supplements and treatments that can slow the thinning, and possibly reverse it. We are currently trying the Provillus products. Here is a link to Provillus For Women. (they have a 2 free month offer on most of the time!) and here’s the link for men (click here)

Now that you know what causes baldness, and some of your options you should be able to make a more informed choice for treatment.

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