What Is Provillus

While searching for something to help regrow hair I kept seeing posts and articles about Provillus and wondered “What Is Provillus?

Here’s A Link To Their Website

I did some digging and found that it was easy to find information about the company and “what is Provillus”, but it was hard to get a truthful answer on how effective the product was. Here’s our review of  “Does Provillus Work?

So, What Is Provillus, Exactly?

What Is ProvillusThis is an all natural product product/treatment made by Ultra Herbals. This is a US manufacturer and I was glad to find out the product was made here in the good old USA!

Many times a chemical imbalance in our bodies triggers the enzyme DHT and causes a bad environment for hair growth. Using a special blend of various herbal ingredients and nutrients Provillus corrects the nutritional balance to promote healthy hair growth and blocks the effects of DHT.

What is Provillus used for, exactly?

It can help stop hair loss, and in some cases it can restore a healthy environment and help regrow damaged follicles. I suppose this means it’s like using great gardening soil instead of trying to grow flowers in nutrient depleted sand.

Some people think Provillus is a drug. It isn’t.

It’s considered a herbal supplement. As such, the FDA doesn’t approve or disapprove of it. They don’t get involved with herbal supplements. The FDA concerns itself with prescription drugs and not natural products. The FDA hasn’t made a recommendation for, or against Provillus (contrary to a lot of the BS out there)

If you would like to try Provillus you can order it from the official website by clicking here

Provillus is taken orally so it is absorbed quickly. Hopefully that answers your biggest question “What Is Provillus?”

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